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Respawn the High Street!

To help do what we can to bring a little life back to our high streets, we are launching our ‘rez the high street’ campaign.

Our simple approach is to set our online prices higher than our in-store prices (where possible). It is our hope that lower prices, exclusive in-store deals, and providing more of an experience than scrolling through Amazon at 2am on the toilet will help bring customers back to our highstreets and encourage more small independent businesses to take the leap and help fill the numerous empty stores that now litter our high streets.


Bad Wolf Gaming’s 2021 Charity

After the incredible success of our 2020 charity drive which raised £520 for PDSA in 3 months, we have chosen Wildlife Vets International as our 2021 charity and will be raising funds to support them and their work throughout the year. 

We will be hosting events in-store and online through our social media, exclusive offers in-store and online, and other incentives to help make a difference.
Help us reach our target of £3000 by the end of 2021 and we will match it!

Our commitment for the Planet

We plant 1 tree for every product sold!

Discover our forest
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