Bad Wolf Gaming

The Knights Angelic R Arm Weapon Pack

3x Swords, 2x Guns 2x Cosmetics
(Compatible with all Atlan Forge Miniatures)

R Arm Bolter A (repaired).stl – 25.23mm x 28.74mm x 14.70mm
R Arm Bolter B (repaired).stl – 18.50mm x 30.73mm x 14.69mm
R Arm Power Sword A (repaired).stl – 35.19mm x 35.81mm x 31.32mm
R Arm Power Sword B (repaired).stl – 23.72mm x 42.11mm x 26.79mm
R Arm Power Sword C (repaired).stl – 23.62mm x 38.93mm x 27.86mm


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