Bad Wolf Gaming

Nautindod the Shipwreck Golem

Assembly Required

SG_BODY.stl – 70.73mm x 88.12mm x 53.01mm
SG_LEG_L.stl – 28.69mm x 59.47mm x 33.17mm
SG_MAST.stl – 107.46mm x 77.05mm x 21.46mm
SG_ARM_R.stl – 43.72mm x 63.04mm x 46.30mm
SG_BASE.stl – 80.95mm x 46.29mm x 81.60mm
SG_LEG_R.stl – 32.40mm x 60.45mm x 43.06mm
SG_ARM_L.stl – 70.20mm x 39.80mm x 49.99mm
SG_ANCHOR_GRIP.stl – 37.88mm x 36.10mm x 79.43mm

**All indie miniatures are printed on-demand by the manufacturers, please allow 14-20 days for these deliveries to arrive**


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