Bad Wolf Gaming

Minoan Mage 3 (Pistol)

Base Included
(Modular Compatible with other Atlan Forge Miniatures)
Assembly Required

torso-medusa-repaired-1.stl – 17.57mm x 18.32mm x 17.90mm
backpack-fixed-repaired.stl – 14.44mm x 19.66mm x 14.98mm
head-face-repaired-1.stl – 7.75mm x 11.81mm x 12.94mm
legs-repaired-1.stl – 22.69mm x 35.01mm x 34.11mm
l-arm-plasma-a-repaired.stl – 10.57mm x 15.07mm x 30.75mm
r-arm-trident-a-repaired-1.stl – 56.03mm x 9.33mm x 25.17mm
base-repaired-1.stl – 35.11mm x 34.80mm x 41.36mm
l-pauldron-a-repaired.stl – 11.32mm x 11.88mm x 13.21mm
r-pauldron-bull-repaired.stl – 10.34mm x 16.47mm x 19.48mm


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