Bad Wolf Gaming

Knights Templar Champion (Sword)

(Modular Compatible with other Atlan Forge Miniatures)
Assembly Required

Base 40mm (repaired).stl – 43.35mm x 40.95mm x 27.96mm
L Arm Fist (repaired).stl – 15.76mm x 12.34mm x 22.17mm
Legs (repaired).stl – 28.12mm x 20.96mm x 30.72mm
R Arm Power Sword A (repaired).stl – 27.10mm x 14.12mm x 56.48mm
Torso and Main Head (repaired).stl – 19.74mm x 22.17mm x 21.05mm
Backpack B (repaired).stl – 23.29mm x 14.79mm x 25.57mm
R Pauldron A4 (repaired).stl – 15.43mm x 18.87mm x 10.94mm
L Pauldron B1 (repaired).stl – 19.02mm x 15.59mm x 10.80mm

**All indie miniatures are printed on-demand by the manufacturers, please allow 14-20 days for these deliveries to arrive**


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