Bad Wolf Gaming


PillarTop.stl – 77.24mm x 57.79mm x 55.81mm
PillarBase.stl – 62.65mm x 59.05mm x 53.29mm
MergedCloth.stl – 137.53mm x 85.16mm x 95.87mm
Marilith_MainBody.stl – 43.98mm x 70.01mm x 40.23mm
Floor.stl – 22.58mm x 109.94mm x 98.24mm
ThickerSpear.stl – 18.00mm x 37.83mm x 55.85mm
ThickerShorterSpear.stl – 16.58mm x 29.89mm x 53.97mm
Tailtip.stl – 26.84mm x 25.46mm x 13.62mm
Tail4.stl – 54.47mm x 50.22mm x 77.02mm
Tail3.stl – 43.97mm x 49.53mm x 61.65mm
Tail2.stl – 50.98mm x 48.64mm x 55.05mm
Tail1.stl – 64.58mm x 67.81mm x 54.35mm
SpearEnds_2.stl – 4.53mm x 4.93mm x 16.83mm
SpearEnds_1.stl – 24.50mm x 8.52mm x 23.94mm
Spear.stl – 52.09mm x 154.29mm x 43.57mm
Crecent.stl – 74.83mm x 98.53mm x 51.34mm

Assembly will be required.


**All indie miniatures are printed on-demand by the manufacturers, please allow 14-20 days for these deliveries to arrive**


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