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Hull, United Kingdom

We Do What We Can To Give Back

As a company that cares, we have a responsibility to set a standard that we hope others will follow.

We have partnered with Tree-Nation to make our staff, website and store carbon neutral. We have even gone a step further and committed to planting a tree for every individual product sold online. With the Help of Tree-Nation, these are being planted where they are needed most by assisting with their reforestation programs all across the World.

When you buy a product with us online, we will plant a tree in your name and gift you it. You can then start to see your own virtual forest grow and follow the progress of the reforestation programs you are helping to save the only world we have.

With your help we have donated over £1000 when we started our charity drive to the PDSA and Wildlife Vets International (two charities which hold significance with us). We then decided to cement these charities as our permanent choices. From the start of 2022, all charity donations and fundraisers every year will be split equally between the PDSA and Wildlife Vets International. If we happen to reach our charity goal amount, we will match the donation and instantly double the amount raised.

This world belongs to more than just us,  so please help us make a difference!

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Our Approach

Adapt. Evolve. Survive.

We’ve come a long way from where we started. Firstly, yes we’re named after Doctor Who. The business plan was being drawn up with Dr Who playing in the background, and Bad Wolf was becoming more prominent in the episodes, so it just seemed to make sense.

As many of our local customers will know, our store does regularly undergo it’s own regenerations (usually when I’m bored and feel that things are getting stale or complacent). But above all, any alterations happen because we are adjusting to the challenges we are facing. As an small independent business, we have the flexibility and expectation to change and adapt to survive in the current financial climate, as we don’t have a big name behind us to rely on or bail us out. 

-Ash (Founder and Managing Director)


— Our Mission

We grew up as the nerds, geeks, freaks, weirdos and losers. Whether its D&D, Warhammer, Yu-Gi-Oh!, or collecting figures, all are welcome to share in their fandoms at Bad Wolf Gaming. We might even be convinced to join you in a few ourselves!


— Our Vision

Games, Drinks, Food, Laughs, New Friends, and New Hobbies. All in one place. Everyone is a bit of a nerd/geek about something, first step is just admitting it.


— Our Story

Genuinely, we came from nothing. Less than £20 in a bank account when the company was founded, start-up loans, and a global pandemic later and we are still going with no intention of stopping now.